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Pass the bottle and drink health. Can you find the lone Christmas stocking hidden among them? Although the definition of rime what is a bobtail actually a thin coating of ice, I suspect that it may just be an old, what is a bobtail spelling of rhyme. Remind your audience that, hey, this is the season of giving. Before the Battle of Hastings inEnglish soldiers reportedly sang: Keep asking for that beer. We have got a little purse Of stretching leather skin; We want a little of your money To line it well within.
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Subscribe to our Newsletter! By the turn of the 20th century, carolers were more likely to sing about libations than actually drink them. But in the s, the word was often used with one of its now-little-known meanings:

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But for those who are paying attention, there are some pretty ancient terms mixed in with all of the Fa-La-La-La-La-ing. Remind your audience that, hey, this is the season of giving.

10 Archaic Christmas Carol Words Explained

adjective. Also bob·tailed. having a bobtail. cut short; docked; cropped. shorter or briefer than usual; abbreviated: Several legislative items must be dropped from. Bobtail may refer to: An animal with its tail bobbed; A wolf who was leader of the man-eating Wolves of Paris; A natural bobtail, an animal with a genetically short. Recent Examples on the Web. Hawaiian bobtail squid sleep under the sand all day, coming out to forage at night. — National Geographic, "Living Fireworks.
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Keep asking for that beer.


Go for it all, go for the gold, go for Thirsty for your own wassail? If so, let us know by emailing us at bigquestions mentalfloss. But the truth is, if you ever see a minor out wassailing, you may want to call his or her parents. We should all be grateful that we've long since moved on from stringing up the regular socks we wear every day.
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Let him bring us up a glass of beer, And better we shall sing.
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When a driver bobtails, he or she is driving without a trailer. Therefore, a bobtail tractor is simply a tractor without a trailer connected. The world of trucking seems to have a language all of its own. Trucker slang refers to equipment used in the industry and the terms referring to specific. An animal that has a bobtail, such as certain canines or nags. (agriculture) A tractor which performs without its trailer. A tractor-trailer that is relatively short in.
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