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Cat pregnancy normally lasts between 63 to 67 days, but it can be tough to know exactly how long a cat is pregnant for. The choice in this case lies between hand rearing, fostering or destruction, and in this connection it should be remembered that the completely hand-reared cat having kittens will be at a disadvantage in its behavioural responses to its own species. This is a female The cat's first act is cat having kittens see that the kitten's nose and mouth are clear. Uterine problems Uterine prolapse describes the telescoping of the uterus which then protrudes from the vulva.
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We do not really understand this but it may have something to do with the barbs on the penis of the male which face backwards — whether these cause pain as the male withdraws is not known, but the action probably has a very important effect. Foetal causes of obstructive dystocia may result from malpresentation, severe foetal malformation eg, hydrocephalus, Siamese-twins , foetal oversize or foetal death.

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Uterine contractions must always be interrupted by periods of relaxation, otherwise the foetal blood supply would be cut off. The timing of reproductive activity is probably triggered by an increase in day length which signals that better weather is on the way bringing with it an availability of food animals for the cat so that when the kittens are born after a 9 week pregnancy the mother and kittens will have sufficient food. Diagnosis and treatment of the serious dystocia must be in the hands of the veterinary surgeon.

Cat birth – when to wait and when to worry

Your cat has given birth to a litter of kittens. Now is the time for you to step in and help her care for them. But be very careful: your mother cat is. Speak to your vet if you have any concerns about pregnancy in cats, or are If mum does have problems delivering her kittens, you may need to take her into. Having kittens is a very exciting and emotional time for you and your cat. Before you can welcome bundles of fur into your home, you need to know how to tell if.
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Treatment by the intravenous injection of calcium preparations leads to a spectacular reversal of the condition. If you notice there are less placentas than there are kittens, mum could have eaten them, or twins may have shared one.

Cat pregnancy

Kittens tend to return to the same nipple to feed, perhaps to stop them squabbling and to ensure that milk continues to be produced there because there is a demand. Sometimes hand rearing may be necessary after a cat giving birth, but this is unusual. Follow this, if the mother is ill or not co-operative, by contact with a warm, well-covered hot water bottle and conserve heat with a covering blanket. If you notice the mother trying to chew too close to the kitten, stop her and do it yourself. Right before giving birth, mum may become more vocal, appear agitated and want to wash herself constantly. The lack of a wedge-shaped muzzle increases the risk of the head becoming deflected to one side, downwards between the forelegs, or onto the chest. The kittens remain highly dependent on their mother for two to three weeks for feeding, cleaning, defecation and keeping warm.
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The bed should be suitable for snuggling into but should not be able to wrap the kittens within pockets or folds.
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Speak to your vet if you have any concerns about pregnancy in cats, or are If mum does have problems delivering her kittens, you may need to take her into. Ordinary domestic short-hair and long-haired cats are very fertile. Litter size averages four or five kittens. For some reason, Siamese cats also have larger litters. Most cats don't want onlookers during birth, but sometimes they need help. Learn how to help a cat having kittens.
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