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Sometimes the cat shows signs of an upper respiratory tract infection URTIand is sneezing. This is why some cats benefit from special oral nutritional antioxidant cat eye problems. You should see a vet to rule out non-age-related causes, which will need to be treated separately if present. There are many different possible treatments for conjunctivitis caused by FHV-1, depending on the clinical signs present, and there are even more different drug treatment choices if the cornea is involved. Liver Disease in Cats - Cat eye problems Diseases Hill's Pet Learn about the warning signs, symptoms, and treatments of liver disease in cats and the affect on your cat's health and well-being.
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5 Common Cat Eye Problems | Healthy Paws

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Common Cat Eye Problems

It's the most common eye problem for cats. An infection, an allergy, or even dust can bring it on. It's contagious, so most cats will have it at least. Learn about common eye problems in cats, such as conjunctivitis and corneal ulcers, as well as their causes, symptoms and treatment options. Do your cat's eyes appear red or irritated? Are they blinking or squinting a lot? One of these eye problems could be to blame: Pink eye.
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A cataract is a cloudy area that develops on the eye lens, blocking light from reaching the back of the eye, which results in loss of vision, and in some cases blindness.

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They can also be caused by eye infections, especially those that go untreated. Retinal damage is commonly caused by high blood pressure due to hyperthyroidism, diabetes, or kidney disease. Ulcers in cats occasionally develop a sequestrum, which is a dark discolored spot seen in the eye that occurs when the cornea dies. Other symptoms include redness and swelling, eye discharge, as well as sneezing and nasal discharge. Can Cats Catch the Flu or a Cold? Uveitis is inflammation of the vascular portions inside the eye. Vaccinating your kitten or cat and keeping them separate from unvaccinated or outdoor cats can help protect your feline friend from these diseases.
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As with pink eye in humans, this condition is highly contagious, although the feline version can only be passed between cats. Persian, Himalayans and smoosh-face cats have a facial structure that can cause tear blockage resulting in watery eyes.
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Common symptoms of an eye problem in your cat include watery eyes, discharge , excessive blinking, squinting, or pawing at the eye. If your cat has any of these. Learn about common eye problems in cats, such as conjunctivitis and corneal ulcers, as well as their causes, symptoms and treatment options. Cats don't have as many eye problems as dogs do, but when an eye disease occurs in a cat, it is usually chronic and sometimes is a lifetime problem for the cat.
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