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Catios were spotlighted on an episode of Animal Planet's hit series cats on deck enclosures Love Cats," in which program host John Fulton -- who admitted he's no expert carpenter -- helped construct a large catio. A new cat craze is giving felines a unique window on the world. Most enclosures are preassembled. Kitty Walk System, Inc. Even "The New York Times" has explored this trend. Cat magazines feature ads for all sizes and prices of outdoor cat enclosures.
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A DIY catio lets you indulge your creativity with color, perhaps matching your house trim or adding a cheerful contrasting hue while keeping this feline addition consistent with the look of your home.

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Learn How to Build a Catio | Animal Planet

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Either way, your cat will soon be relaxing in his own summer place. Commercial kits for indoor and outdoor cat runs and enclosures. Cats With An Altitude.

Outdoor Enclosures for Cats

Easy to assemble outdoor/indoor modular cat enclosures! What are these kits made of and how will they hold up in weather? How do you clean a CatsOnDeck. They enjoy high perches so they can look over the area, or as any cat owner This is a terrific addition to any kit size except the FelineFlat and our Tower of. Photos by CatsOnDeck Customers. Migration.
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Folding, portable pens, up to 24 inches high. A basic, open-air box is likely enough to thrill Kitty, who doesn't care what those shelter magazines recommend as touches of elegance in a summer home. Whether it's a simple box, a walkway or a roomy enclosed porch, a catio is an exterior, escape-proof cat house, screened on all sides and overhead, which allows indoor cats to experience a slice of outdoor life without actually venturing beyond your home.

Commercially available enclosures

Traffic, poisons, disease, run-ins with other animals-the list goes on. Other options Here are a number of other suppliers selling outdoor pens, tunnels and tents: Another option is to install a window box that provides a protected perch for cats to enjoy a panoramic view of the great outdoors. Folding, portable pens, up to 24 inches high. Window boxes can be ordered from the listed sources:. And your catio will be truly one of a kind.
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Window boxes and perches Another option is to install a window box that provides a protected perch for cats to enjoy a panoramic view of the great outdoors. Adding a scratching post, a bed and a spot for snacks or meals gives your cat the feline equivalent of a beach cottage.
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Cat enclosures can offer your companion safe access to outdoor areas. These can be Metal cages and runs can be attached to windows or used on deck/yard . Mar 17, Outdoor Cat enclosures, DIY cat enclosures, catios, cat houses Home Improvements — Craft Construction Two Story Deck Ideas, 2 Level Deck. Most cats are eager to scoot outside if given the chance, especially with Cats on Deck has designed an enclosure that they tout as easy to.
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