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The compounds trigger the typical odd behaviors you associate with the wacky kitty weed, including sniffing, head shaking, head rubbing, and rolling around on the ground. The barbs stimulate the vulva, allowing the female to ovulate, and they also funny cat facts her from escaping mid-coitus. High-speed cameras were also used to record their jaws snapping at remarkable speeds, which measure times faster than the blink of a human eye. Male cats have barbed penises. Mary Todd Lincoln was once asked if her husband had any hobbies. For funny cat facts owners in Plano, Texas, movie night with Fido no longer just means cuddling on the couch and browsing Netflix. The average running feline can clock around 30 mph.
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A train station in Southeastern Japan is presided over by an adorable "stationmaster": This phenomenon might be attributed to the fact that cats are low-maintenance, and therefore better companions for accomplished people with busy careers.

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It helps cats tone down their scent so they can avoid predators, it cools them down, it promotes blood flow, and it distributes natural oils evenly around their coat, allowing them to stay warm and dry. The theater operates as a pop-up or perhaps pup-up?

50 Fascinating Facts About Felines

Cats are a riddle wrapped in a mystery. Wrapped in a cat. Did you know that cats can taste scents? Or that they dream, too? Check out our list of amazing cat facts that will blow your mind. Want to learn more about your feline friend? We compiled a list of 10 fun cat facts that are sure to catch you by surprise.
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In , researchers from the University of Bristol surveyed people about their pets, geography, and scholastic history.

Fun Cat Facts To Broaden Your Feline Knowledge

Created in , the brief clip proves that humans have been obsessed with cute cat videos since long before the advent of YouTube. Male cats have barbed penises. The Kishi train station near Wakayama City hired Nitama in , just a few months after its prior feline mascot, Tama, died from acute heart failure at the age of In the English Midlands, new brides are given black cats to bless their marriage, and the Japanese believe that black cats are good luck—particularly for single women. Hundreds of felines and dozens of breeds were placed on display, and around , guests are said to have attended the event.
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Dogs must be up-to-date on all their shots, and owners can submit veterinary records online or bring a hard copy to the theater to verify their pooch's health status. This makes their jaws the fastest part of any animal on the planet, researchers said in a statement.
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Cats spend around 30 to 50 percent of their day grooming themselves. .. (Fun fact: The Dracula ant subfamily is named after their habit of drinking the blood of. Got a cat? While you probably know lots about the furry feline, we bet there are some fantastically fun facts you don't know. Here are our top This post is brought to you by: I love facts. When I was a kid, I'd spend all afternoon examining every page of the Guinness Book of World.
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