Why can t you drink sea water

This sentence has been modified since the original posting. Losing and Gaining Electrons 4. Ways to Express Acidity and Basicity Pumping this supersalty water back into the ocean can harm local aquatic life. This answer is based on compiled research, most of the sources listed are Wikipedia.
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Counting Molecules by the Gram 6. In Your Room 3.

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What if you drink saltwater? | HowStuffWorks

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Aqueous Solutions and Solubility:

Why can't we convert salt water into drinking water?

Normally that is not a problem, as you are always drinking water and eating But if there is too much salt in your body, you kidneys cannot get. Humans cannot drink saline water. What do we mean by "saline water? If you were stranded on a life raft in the ocean, this device could. Salt water tastes bad and will leave you dehydrated.
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Assume you are in a survival situation, with only sea water available, one of your companions has consumed a quantity 1 unit of sea water. While humans can safely ingest small amounts of salt, the salt content in seawater is much higher than what can be processed by the human body.

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Each year, the global population swells by another 85 million people, but worldwide demand for freshwater increases at twice the rate of population growth, doubling every 20 years or so [sources: This raises blood pressure and can also damage other organs, such as the heart and liver. Prelude - Tragedy in Cameroon If you are in survival situation, there is no "safe amount" of seawater you can drink. While I believe the conclusions are accurate, there is room for error. The International Desalination Association says that as of there were about 13, desalination plants operating around the world. Units Raised to a Power 2.
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Molecular, Ionic, and Atomic Experiencing Atoms at Tiburon 4. Saltwater doesn't sound as deadly as, say, taking your chances on puffer fish sushi.
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The fact that humans shouldn't drink seawater is a lesson we all learn in childhood. Whether through a teacher or parent or by personal (and. It seems strange that water should be such a scarce resource when our planet is drenched in million trillion gallons of the stuff. But it turns out that less than. Because you can't drink any of it. Seventy one percent of our planet's surface is wet with water, yet most of it is ocean water that we can't consume, thanks to salt .
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